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My name is Lynda Williams.  I contacted Mr. Rose through a letter he sent me and I 'm glad I did.  I was several months behind and he was able to do a short sale and save my credit. I would recommend Mr. Rose to anyone who is facing foreclosure. Baton Rouge, La. 

My name is Robert Cook and I was facing foreclosure.  I contacted Mr. Rose and he was able to help me save my credit and this didn't cost me anything.  Mr. Rose is the real deal.  Prairieville, La.

My name is Oscar Haney Jr.  and I was facing foreclosure recently.  I tried everything to keep my home and work with my lender and nothing work.  I contacted Mr. Rose and he was able to do what I couldn't and help not only save my credit but give me peace of mind. Baker, La. 

My name is Robert Carter Sr. and I was several months behind on my home.  I actually moved out because I was unable to maintain the property.  Mr. Rose contacted me and I thought it was too late to do anything.  Not only did Mr. Rose help me but I got $10,000 back from my lender.  He was a God sent and a blessing.  I would recommend anyone facing foreclosure to contact him.  Zachary, La.  

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